Waistcoats. Add a refined edge to your outfit with an elegant waistcoat. Hawes & Curtis has a beautiful selection, whether you want to upgrade your three piece suit .

Our grey Prince of Wales waistcoat is perfect as part of a three piece suit. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

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Waistcoats. Add a refined edge to your outfit with an elegant waistcoat. Hawes & Curtis has a beautiful selection, whether you want to upgrade your three piece suit .
Waistcoats for Men. Men's waistcoats are the perfect way to take your tailoring to the next level. Whether it's to add to your suit or wear over a shirt, a waistcoat provides a sophisticated, smart and formal look.
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Waistcoats. Add a refined edge to your outfit with an elegant waistcoat. Hawes & Curtis has a beautiful selection, whether you want to upgrade your three piece suit .

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The pattern and color may take the center stage without fear of clashing. Since men rarely wear waistcoats in modern America, the look is already an eye-catching one — adding an active pattern will hardly make it look less striking or more out-of-place. Traditional stripes or checks are perfectly acceptable, as are more flamboyant creations with elaborate figure patterns or diamond panes.

A vest on its own may have lapels or not; the former is more old-fashioned. Even worn casually vests tend to look out-of-place without accompanying neckwear. For the true dandy there are many styles of cravat to experiment with, but it will be impossible to avoid looking affectedly old-fashioned in one.

This may well be the desired effect for a vest-wearer, but be aware that it does border on costuming rather than fashion, and exercise some restraint. The button-fronted waistcoat is hardly the only vest available in menswear. Sleeveless jackets appear as everything from pajama tops to outerwear. Barbour of London even makes a waterproof vest version of its iconic jacket, though one has to wonder at the usefulness. The undress vest is generally seen as a stylish flourish on whatever parent garment spawned it — and, from a more practical standpoint, is one that can be worn in somewhat warmer weather.

The same applies to fleece activewear, and so on — these are all undress garments, made for casual day-to-day wear with friends and family. A vested style is a minor stylistic flourish and a comfortable choice for warmer weather. Like sweaters, sweater-vests can be very casual or more dressed-up depending on the style and how they are worn. A single color or very muted pattern will always be more formal, and wearing it with a dress shirt and necktie will of course be dressier as well.

Vests and waistcoats are elegant garments that add more to an outfit than most accesories. They can add formality to suits, style to unmatched outfits, comfort to casual wear, or warmth to business dress in cool weather. A three-piece suit is an excellent starting place for a man with no other vested outfits, as the vest can be worn separately with other garments — the only caution here is that any piece of a suit will, if worn too frequently, wear and become lighter in color than the other pieces.

The versatility and unusual style of waistcoats and vests is too good for a well-dressed man to pass on entirely. Perhaps our most prominent accomplishment was the introduction of the backless evening waistcoat. Waistcoats for men remain our calling card to this day. Men's waistcoats are quintessentially British garments and can be dated back to the reign of King Charles II. When King Charles restored the monarchy he introduced standards for appropriate dress.

The first mention was by an official royal proclamation in Modelled after vests worn by diplomats from Persia, they became an essential item for British gentlemen over the next two centuries.

It was made for the Duke of Windsor as part of the "Dress Soft" era. It was held in place via bands fastened by a buckle or button across the back. It ensured that the coat remained in proper position while also being extremely comfortable to wear. In short time it became part of standard formal dress for Britain's aristocracy. You can wear a typical black waistcoat with a tuxedo as part of your formal evening outfit.

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