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These gowns were fabricated in in white and pastel colored silk, satin, batistes, cotton, and viyella p. Pullover nightshirt has short sleeves.

5 reviews for Satin Nightshirts For Women Ladies faux Silk Sleeping Dress female Nightdress Sleepwear Pijama Pyjama Nightwear summer nightgown. Rated 5 out of 5.
5 reviews for Satin Nightshirts For Women Ladies faux Silk Sleeping Dress female Nightdress Sleepwear Pijama Pyjama Nightwear summer nightgown. Rated 5 out of 5.
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They come in a variety of plain, colored or printed fabrics and knits. The top had a high collar and a buttoned down front, and there were frills at the wrists and at the knees.

In the following years, pyjama tops had large bishop sleeves, and a ribbon was tied around the waist. Pale blue and white silk pyjamas would often be trimmed with lace around the ankles, the throat, and a cascade of lace would be stitched to the bodice.

Since the s, there has been an assortment of stylish pyjamas ranging from the classic pyjama sets to the Baby Dolls. Currently, the trend is to mix and pair tops with pants.

For instance, sleep shirts, sleep Tees, sleep tunics, tank tops, and camisoles are paired with sleep pants, leggings, Naomi pants pants that are tight of the bottom of the leg , and capris. Young women will sometimes wear the stretch knit tops or bottoms as outerwear Carter, , p. Dressing gowns or robes have been given different names over the centuries that signify a garment worn over night attire, undergarments, or by itself for conducting morning toilettes, including breakfast, and for lounging at home.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the term nightgown denoted an informal morning gown, house dress, or banyan worn by both males and females. Since the s, the word nightgown refers to a bed garment. The style for the original dressing gowns was inspired by the kimono and banyan worn in the Far East and in India for many centuries.

These gowns looked like a loose coat or robe that reached down to the calves, with some type of wrapper around the waist to keep it closed. They were brightly colored, and made out of printed cotton chintz, damask, and silk that was decorated with floral motifs or large shapes Kybalova et al.

They were worn with long pants. In the Catalogue dressing gowns are listed as kimonos, housecoats, and negligées T. Nowadays women have a variety of choices such as longer and shorter wrap around robes, dusters, kimonos in plain, floral and paisley patterns, and kimonos with tassels at the bottom of the hem.

There are also lovely Chantilly lace and satin kimonos. Written records mention that males and females wore nightcaps in the s, but similar head covers would have been used in cooler climates since early times. From the s to the late s nightcaps were fashionable with all social classes in Europe and in North America. In the s, the term nightcap was applied to both the decorated style of headwear worn indoors and to the plain style worn in bed.

The poorer classes would add ear flaps to their nightcap so that it could also be worn out-of-doors Cunnington, , p. The shapes of the early nightcaps worn by both sexes were quite similar. The wealthy classes usually donned finely embroidered linen, silk, brocade, and velvet nightcaps. Nightcaps were particularly popular in the s with men who wore wigs as they would cover their shaved head with a nightcap to maintain their dignity when they discarded their wig during the day or evening Cunnington, , p.

Nightcaps were no longer fashionable with both sexes by late s. We can assume that with better indoor heating systems nightcaps were no longer a necessity. Fits like a US 0. See More Topshop Pajamas. A flirty, fun romper constructed for soft satin is the perfect pick for a stylish sleep session! Room Service Satin Romper at When You Bundle You See More Victoria's Secret Pajamas. Comes in Turquoise, Size M. Pullover nightshirt has short sleeves. Women's Embroidered Nightshirt by Comes in Peach, Size 3XL.

Comes in Turquoise, Size 2XL.

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